Maras & Moray - Cusco

Discover an amazing trip with our Tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas a beautiful place full of charm and history, where we can see interesting temples and Inca terraces and feel the warmth of its people – where time seems to have stood still, showing us the culture and customs of this fascinating and ancient people. The Sacred Valley of the Incas, is located between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo. It is beautiful and was highly regarded by the Inca, due to its special location, climate and generous and fertile soil.

You will be picked up from your hotel lobby at 8AM in Cusco by your guide.  We will take a road that winds around the mountains north of Cusco. On the way we will stop at a famous point known as El Mirador (Lookout Point). From there we will be able to see the whole Sacred Valley and gain an insight to the Inca history.

The Sacred Valley was undoubtedly a key area of settlement to the Incas; it’s a combination of agreeable climate and fertile plains bestowing an unusual abundance for the high Andes. Here the Incas sculpted the mountain flanks with vast contour terracing and irrigation channels. Our driver and guide will be able to suggest good angles from which you can take photos.

Later on, we will drive towards the ruins of Pisac. At the ruins you will see and learn about different aspects of Inca culture. You can see amazing works of art in the stone and impressive agricultural terraces. There is excellent stonework here as well.  After exploring we will drive back to the lower town of Pisac, where there is a bustling handicraft market that shouldnt be missed.

At the market you will have free time to walk around and do some bargain hunting. Afterwards we will meet for lunch in a nice local restaurant where we will enjoy delicious Andean food.  This meal is not included in the tour and if you prefer a different restaurant, just let your guide know.

After lunch we will continue our tour. We will drive along the Urubamba River towards the town of Ollantaytambo. Once we reach Ollantaytambo, we will visit the ruins, which is an area of important Inca construction built during the Inca’s heydays. This is an extraordinary Inca site where in the ruins you will also find an amazing rock formation representing the Inca god Wiracocha. Afterwards, we will return to Cusco and will drop you off at your hotel.





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