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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that your holidays should be a time to forget your complex busy lives and rejuvenate yourself. There's no better place than Peru to do this! Peru will capture you, erase stress, stimulate senses, and send you home with priceless memories and pictures of an amazing variety of experiences.

We offer problem free Peruvian holidays. Realizing your time and money are not unlimited, we work with you to supply a trip specific to your interests, desires, and sense of adventure. Our packages provide a basic structure; our experienced people present suggestions and arrangements to make the trip uniquely yours .

Did you know that Peru contains 85 of the 102 recognized world climatic zones, from scorching desert, through glacier-clad mountains to lush tropical jungles? Imagine the holiday possibilities!
The cultural mix is as varied as the climates; coastal Afro-Peruvians, Andean and Amazon Indians all with their distinctive music and multi-colored clothing to Indian markets, chic boutiques, and restaurants.

The pre-Columbian history goes back 3,500 years to the unknown builders of Chavin, the weavers of Nazca, the pottery makers of Moche and Mochica, the Chimu builders of Chan Chan and of course the incredible legacy of the Incas-Cusco and Machu Picchu.
Whether you want white-water rafting, stupendous archaeological sites, lush jungle flora and fauna, or to be pampered in luxury, our philosophy is to bring it to you in the best, safest and most comfortable way and for the lowest possible price.

Our Core Values

We must always keep in mind the following ideals and moral thought:
· To Maintain a warm, professional, and knowledgeable service to all clients, as well as potential clientele.

We stand to offer an environmentally and socially conscious approach to tourism, hoping that in the future we help to create a comfortable relationship between the people of Peru and the passionate traveler.

To have an ongoing aim to make our client's lives a little happier through an encounter with Latin American Culture. We work hard with our clients because we enjoy working with their dreams of a South America …and soon bringing them to life.

· Clients are our friends. We thrive to bring forth a high quality of personality and trust, in turn creating an everlasting memory of Peru . We help guide the traveler as a friend would guide a friend. Our objective in every case is to receive the testimonial letter that will bring the utmost satisfaction to our daily work environment. Word of mouth travels further than any advertisement, a never ending chain of satisfied adventures.

You might say we build our company on purpose.

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Peru Viajes

Cusco carries the title of the archeological capital of America.

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